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Jeśli dotknął Państwa wypadek w pracy na terenie UK, jak najbardziej mogą Państwo rozpocząć proces roszczeniowy. To samo dotyczy błędów medycznych lub też zdarzeń komunikacyjnych niepowstałych z Państwa winy. Pomożemy Państwu uzyskać odpowiednią rekompensatę i przeprowadzić proces roszczeniowy, wykorzystując wszystkie możliwości.

Focusing on creating a material perfect for sports facilities, our company has developed fantastic running track surface. It is very durable and resistant to damage caused by spikes, permeable thus eliminates the risk of creating water deposits and at the same time minimizes the risk of injuries. See more on Novol Sp. z o.o. website.

Dental treatment in Poland, provided by probably the best Polish dentists, who have at their disposal modern machinery and know of the latest solutions - all this and more awaits you in Dentim Europe. The clinic comprehensively takes care of all your needs in this area. Do not hesitate to contact us even today!

Dentim Europe
Baildona 12/3 ,
40-115 Katowice ,
322 068 800

Perfect dessert or cake needs as well as perfect aesthetic finish. Barbara Luijckx offers chocolate decorations for confectionery masters who look for nothing else but the best quality, taste and look. Years of experience allows the company to prepare dark, milk and white rolls, cigarellos, shavings, shells and other types.

Barbara Luijckx sp. z o. o.
Latkowo 40 ,
88-100 Inowrocław ,
523 580 700

In the center of the city, elegantly designed, the interior and exterior of the hotel in Poznan catches your eye. Don Prestige Residence is a place for everyone - leisure travelers, business people and all of you who appreciates comfort, luxury and peace of mind during your stay. The place offers you 73 rooms with AC, free wi-fi, TV, phone and a mini-bar. You can also store you belongings in a safe.

Don Prestige Residence
Św. Marcin 2 ,
61-803 Poznan ,
618 590 590
Bireta - Kempińska & Woźniakowska s.c. - Translation Agency

Trust 14 years of experience and join a group of hundreds of satisfied customers of Bireta translation agency. The company specialises in European and Asian languages and works with technical, specialist documents as well as offers interpreting services - consecutive, conference and simultaneous. See the details on the website.

Bireta - Kempińska & Woźniakowska s.c.
Bronikowskiego 3/1 ,
02-796 Warszawa ,
226 485 577

Cable, metering boxes in aluminium or thermosetting cubicles, street lighting cubicles and others. ZPUE manufactures low voltage switchgear and other electrical accessories in a wide range of versions. The company offers as well wide configuration options thanks to special construction of the switchboard.

Jędrzejowska 79c ,
29-100 Włoszczowa ,
413 881 000
Sealing system

Apart from swell bands and traditional sheet steel, the company has prepared special mats and injection sealing system. Forbuild is an expert when it comes to proven and innovative solutions for the construction sector. They ensure efficient work and quality results on every construction site. See their full offer.

Forbuild S.A.
Górna 2a ,
26-200 Końskie ,
413 751 347
Tomasz S. - Richmond hill wedding photographer

Pictures of bride, groom and their guests should capture true atmosphere of that day: love, fun and happiness. Tomasz S. is a wedding photographer from Richmond Hill, who is also available in other locations in the Greater Toronto Area. Check his website, where you can find his portfolio, and book him today!

Baby travel systems

Quality and functional accessories for every parent! Visit the online shop and find out more about baby travel systems included in the offer. It is a 3 in 1 solution, which allows you to carry your child from a car to a pushchair without interrupting its sleep. They retro prams are available in various colours and versions.

Baby Accessories UK
Poznańska 82 ,
76-200 Słupsk ,
889 320 905
Centrifuge - basket

Working as a part of vibrating sifters, the element must be prepared to withstand the most harsh conditions and requirements. Progress Eco has designed their centrifuge basket on the basis of customers requirements and opinions. Their dimensions can be adjusted to individual needs, different wire can be used for their production (Sb or Sbb) and special coating can be used.

Progress Eco
Dobrów 7 ,
28-142 Tuczępy ,
158 646 270
Pipelayer -

Extreme stability, special system preventing damage, unique counterweight design along with possibility to add special features makes each pipelayer from Dressta offer a positive choice. They were designed to work in demanding conditions of construction sites, as well as in other places. See the details of the offer. - Wardrobes dublin

Pick the best style for your interior and make it unique and practical. Tegre is an expert when it comes to wardrobes. The Dublin company offers elegant, simple or ornamented, modern or traditional furniture for your house. You can pick from a variety of solutions, including diverse sizes, colours and other details.

Laboratory scales

Wherever the highest accuracy of each measurement is required, RADWAG USA is one of the best choices you can make. Laboratory scales from the company's offer have gained appreciation over the years thanks to their reliability and implementation of the most advanced technological solutions. Pick from microbalances, analytical and precision balances as well as moisture analyzers.

19599 NE 10th Ave. ,
33179 North Miami Beach ,
13 056 513 522
Leaders in coach hire services in Warsaw

Plan your next trip by bus and choose one of the leaders of the market in Polish capital. KL Team specializes in coach hire services in Warsaw and provides you with the highest comfort, complete safety of the trip - all at highly attractive prices. Pick your vehicle, book the time, date and destination and enjoy the company services.

KL TEAM Kamil Lubański
Trakt Lubelski 358 ,
04-667 Warszawa ,
226 131 334 Z vibe oral motor

Designed and developed by experts in the industry, the speech therapy tools are suitable for virtually every children as well as adults. PJ Therapeutic has prepared, for instance, z-vibe oral motor products, created by ARK Therapeutic Services Inc. They are available in several versions and colours and help in a variety of issues.

PJ Therapeutic
Chodkiewicza 5 ,
43-600 Jaworzno ,
797 171 989
Polythene bag production

Simple, when it comes to their form, they are perfect for doing a quick shopping. FROGUT PLASTICS offers polythene bag production adjusted to the needs of the customer. You can pick standard forms and versions or get an individual, unique design prepared. Add a print of your choice (e.g. your logo) and promote your market or chain of stores!

Drużynowa 8 ,
02-590 Warszawa ,
225 417 000

Geosynthetics have offered the construction sector vast new possibilities when it comes to erosion control, soil stabilization and reinforcement. PIETRUCHA company has developed a geogrid with integrated nodes - a fabric offering amazing parameters, perfect during the construction of road, embankments, railways and other structures.

Przemysłowa 10 ,
98-235 Błaszki ,
438 292 051

Choose items for your whole house and design it in the most sophisticated, luxurious style of all. Visit Mex online shop and pick high gloss bathroom furniture, which will provide you with practicality and elegance. They are manufactured from MDF and laminated chipboard which ensures their durability as well.